What Type Of Damages Can You Seek For A Car Accident Injury?

June 20, 2023
Leaser Law Firm

Car accidents can leave you with sky-high medical bills, as well as physical and emotional trauma. You might be so badly hurt that you must now use a wheelchair or are paralyzed for life.

Naturally, you want to know whether it’s possible to seek car accident damages for the suffering you’ve endured. Learn more about the damages a court may award for your car accident case below.

Economic damages

Economic damages include those with a monetary figure attached, such as the following:

Medical expenses

Your compensation package may cover all medical expenses from the moment of your car accident, including ambulance rides, surgery, follow-up appointments, and medications. It also covers medical supplies, such as crutches and wheelchairs.

Home care

If you need to hire someone to help you at home, it’s possible to seek damages for the cost of your care. A home health care aide can change wound dressings, help you take medications, and keep an eye on your condition.

Cost of lost services

In addition to home health care, you can seek damages for the cost of hiring an aide to do chores for you. An aide can go shopping, cook meals, and handle other tasks you can’t do yourself.

Lost wages and benefits

It can take months to recover from a car accident, and during that time, you’re left without the paycheck your family desperately needs. You can seek damages for lost wages and benefits, such as vacation days and retirement fund contributions.

Property damage

Your compensation package can cover damage to your car, plus any other items inside it at the time of the accident.

Child care

You may have trouble taking care of your children after an accident. If you need to hire child care, you can seek damages for its cost.

Non-economic damages

Unlike economic damages, non-economic damages are difficult to quantify because they don’t have an exact figure attached. The insurance company may agree to pay some non-economic damages for your accident claim. If it offers you an insultingly low settlement, contact a lawyer for help.

Mental anguish

Mental anguish includes distress caused by your accident, such as anxiety and depression. For example, being terrified to drive a car after your accident counts as mental anguish.

Pain and suffering

Pain and suffering include the physical pain you endured during and after the accident. The insurance company may calculate pain and suffering by multiplying your actual damages and a figure it assigns to the severity of your injuries.

It’s common for insurance adjusters to try paying you as little as they possibly can. An attorney can fight for a higher settlement if the insurance adjuster offers you unfair compensation.

Physical impairment

Physical impairment includes the loss of your ability to do certain things. Your compensation package will vary depending on potential recovery and how much your impairment will impact your future.

Loss of consortium

If your spouse suffered a debilitating injury or died in an accident, you can sue for loss of consortium. Most loss of consortium cases in florida apply to married couples, although it can also apply to children utterly dependent on parental care.

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As an accident victim, you’re understandably angry at the driver who hit you. Suing the at-fault driver won’t turn back time, but it might make your troubles a bit easier to bear.

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