How Do I Know If I Can Recover Money After An Car Accident

October 20, 2023
Leaser Law Firm

I often receive calls from potential clients who ask, “Hey Scott, I wasn’t in an accident. Can I get compensation?” My response varies based on three key factors in every Florida case. The first factor is fault. If you caused the accident, you won’t receive compensation for your losses. However, if the other party is at fault, there’s a possibility. Next, we assess available insurance coverage. This includes bodily injury coverage of the at-fault person, or if they lack coverage, your uninsured motorist coverage might come into play, offering potential compensation. Lastly, seeking a medical evaluation is crucial, regardless of your claimed injuries. Without a medically necessary injury diagnosis related to the accident, no compensation is possible. Seeking proper medical assessment is essential. Once you’ve done this, I can determine available compensation and whether you qualify. Feel free to reach out to me.