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Being attacked by a canine can be a traumatizing experience. It can leave you with lasting physical and emotional pain and suffering. Unfortunately, these attacks occur in Florida at an alarming rate. A study by the Insurance Information Institute based on data from 2018, using projections from the insurance industry, showed that 1,281 insurance claims were made to insurance companies for vicious dog bites in Florida. These claims were based on serious injuries, including fractures and hospitalization of the victims.

Florida has laws that make a dog owner liable for “any damage” that is caused by their dog. While the statute is not limited to dog bites, they are by far the most common. After an animal attack, Florida recognizes both strict liability against the owner and negligence against the owner. These are two separate types of claims and require the specific facts of your case to determine how to proceed. The strict liability approach is the first type of law that governs most animal attacks. If you are injured, the owner of the dog is liable for your damages. This law is straight forward, however, there are critical exceptions to this law that can prohibit strict liability from applying. It is best to speak with a dog bite attorney to know your rights. If strict liability is not applicable, than you can pursue justice with a negligence claim against the dog owner.

If you have been attacked by a dog, seek medical attention but it is good to get as much information as possible to protect your rights to a claim. If you can, take photographs of the dog, your injuries, and the surrounding area so that you can show exactly what happened. Talk with any witnesses and get their full names and phone numbers. Obtain the address of where the dog bite occurred and secure the name and address of the dog owner, as this is the most critical piece of information. Call the local authorities to make an official police report. Also, contact your local animal control. If the dog big happened in Broward County you can contact Broward County Animal Services at (954) 359-1313.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog bite, reach out to the Leaser Law Firm and speak with an experienced dog bite injury attorney. Like all cases, it is important to understand the physical and mental injuries from the beginning to that your case is properly investigated and you are able to recover the damages you have suffered. Consult a dog bite attorney at Leaser Law Firm by calling Scott today, (954) 233-3515.

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