Florida Wrongful Attorney Death

Death is a difficult event to process in anyone’s life but is mot difficult to accept when it is caused by an unexpected event. These deaths could be avoided but for the action or inaction of another who caused the untimely death. This is heartbreaking for the surviving loved ones who suffer greatly due to their loss. While nothing can bring them back the life of your loved one, we work tirelessly to help pick up your life after these events and to achieve some semblance of justice for your loss.

Typically, these tragedies occur as a result of the following:

Damages for the family of the deceased can include loss of future wages, loss of certain benefits, medical and funeral expenses, loss of love, loss of consortium and pain and suffering as a result of this loss. Punitive damages may also be available based upon the actions of the party who caused this death.  Drunk driving could be an example where punitive damages are allowed. With the help of the right legal representation, a wrongful death attorney can help bring the responsible party to justice.

Pursue Justice Today

In Florida, you have two years to bring a case for a wrongful death. This is half the time for a typical negligence case in the state. It is critical that you move fast. Only certain survivors of the deceased may be eligible to receive compensation.

If you are grieving the death of a loved one due to an unnecessary death, contact Leaser Law Firm to see your options. If this death is cause by the negligence or intentional action of another, wrongful death attorney Scott Leaser can help. At Leaser Law Firm, you always have a no fee guarantee. You don’t owe a thing unless we win for you. Call us to get the quality legal representation that you deserve.