South Florida Product Liability Attorney

As a Florida consumer, you expect that when you purchase a product, that the product works. Consumers put their trust in corporations to supply a reliably safe product. There is no expectation that the product will cause you harm. This can include anything you consume; medications, vape pens, food, toys, hover boards, lawn tools, kitchen appliances, gym sets, and any other product you can think of. When the product can cause harm, or is otherwise dangerous in some capacity, there will be a warning with instructions. Unfortunately, not every product that is sold to consumers is safe to use, and some products can cause significant bodily harm or even death.

For those who are injured through the use of a consumer product, hiring a Florida product liability attorney is the first step in seeking compensation for your injuries. These injuries include economic and non-economic damages. When you are injured as result of a product, there are three types of categories for these claims.

  • Design Defect: This involves a problem with the way the product was designed to be manufactured. If the design makes it unreasonably dangerous to use.
  • Manufacturing Defect: This involves the way in which the product was actually manufactured. When the manufacturing process itself makes the product unreasonably dangerous to use.
  • Failure to Warn: This involves a failure to warn of risks to the consumer that are nonobvious that could have been avoided with a proper warning or labeling.

To prove that the product was defectively designed, it requires a showing that there was a safer alternative design to the product and that the alternative was economically and technologically feasible. To make matters more complicated is the four-year statute of limitations in Florida. Proving these cases require the hiring of qualified experts and can come with significant cost. It is critical that you contact an experience Florida products liability attorney. Any delay in moving forward with your potential claim can have devastating consequences to your ability to prove your case. Contact a Fort Lauderdale products liability attorney today for your free consultation.

What products are dangerous to use?

Defective products and/or warnings can come from anything that you purchase. There are many products that you may not think about and are able to cause significant injury. While the list is too long to get into, some common defective products include:

  • Children’s toys: Many toys can create significant hazard to a child through suffocation, choking or even strangulation. If items are not secured properly, they can cause injury by falling onto the child. Some toys use hazardous coating and/or paint that can cause injury should the child put the toy in their mouth.
  • Drugs: Over the counter drugs that are used every day can have dangerous side effects. Many of these products have been and are currently sued for causing death. This includes heartburn medicine, acid reflux drugs, antidepressants and birth control, to name a few.
  • Automobile: Many accidents occur on Florida roads as a result of faulty tires, defective breaks, airbags and electronic stability control systems.
  • Household items: Items such as laptop chargers, vape pens, pressure cookers, hover board chargers may seem innocent, but have caused significant burns and injuries to many consumers. Even when used correctly, these items may be defective.

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