Fort Lauderdale Slip and Fall Attorney

If you fall on the property belonging to someone else, you may have a claim for damages for the injuries they suffered. These injuries are quite common and can happen when shopping for groceries, buying home goods, at the gym, looking for furniture or just out at someone’s pool. You go to these businesses or properties expecting them to be clear of any dangerous conditions or hazards. Commonly, these conditions cause a slip or a trip and fall accident. This is one form of a broader area of injury law known as premise liability. In Florida, the property owner and/or the tenant occupying the location may be liable for your injuries. A slip and fall attorney can help navigate the facts of your case to help recover maximum compensation. These cases need to prove that the property owner was “negligent.” While this word appears simple, determining the negligence of one’s actions is quite complicated and varies widely by circumstance.

To prove your case, facts particular to your injury are critical and include whether the dangerous condition was caused by the owner or employee of the premises. This can be satisfied if the owner or employee knew or should have known about the dangerous condition. Finally, what steps were done to prevent the injury from occurring from the dangerous condition. It is important for store owners to frequently inspect their premises to be on the lookout for these dangerous conditions. Depending on the condition, a warning sign may be insufficient to shield the owner of liability.

Do I need a Slip and Fall Attorney?

Hiring an experienced slip and fall attorney is useful at the outset of these falls. It is imperative that the site be inspected immediately, and that preservation letters are sent so that videos capturing the event can be preserved for use. Contact Leaser Law Firm, where you can speak with a Florida slip and fall attorney. We will spend the time necessary to go over your case, see if there may be liability and discuss options going forward.

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