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Florida typically ranks number one in the nation in registered boat owners. It is no secret that the waterways surrounding this great state are popular for fishing, diving or just enjoying the great Florida weather. The waterways are so exceptional in Fort Lauderdale that the city recognizes itself as the “Venice of America.”  However, the waterways in Fort Lauderdale are not always safe. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, Florida had 607 boat accidents in 2018, leading the nation. Being injured on the waterways of Florida come with specialized laws and practice expertise.

Many of these injuries are pure accidents, and some are caused by the carelessness or negligence of another person. These can include reckless operation of a boat, operating too fast, operating while distracted, poor maintenance or intoxicated boating.

Injuries are not limited to recreational boating off of Fort Lauderdale waterways. Often, people are injured on cruise ships during what is supposed to be a memorable vacation. Many tourists come to south Florida to take a long getaway on one of these cruises. Unfortunately, many people are injured on these cruise ships and the industry works overtime to keep this from the general public. These injuries can be caused by the negligence of the cruise or the cruise line’s employees.

In many cases, a boating accident will result in property damage or more serious personal injuries due to the negligence of another. Many deaths have occurred and serious injuries such as brain trauma, amputations and slip and falls on or off of a boat. While the injuries are often times similar to those on land, the laws on the waterway can be vastly different. It is important to speak with an experienced maritime attorney in Fort Lauderdale to recover for your injuries.

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