Scooter Accident Attorney

In Fort Lauderdale and other cities throughout south Florida, companies rent out electric scooters to the public at large. Some of the bigger companies who rent these out include Lime and Bird. These can be a great way to quickly and efficiently get around a city for residents and tourists. Scooters are fun to ride and they are easy to locate with the convenient apps. However, they come with significant risks for those who operate them. Riding a scooter can put the rider and others at risk of significant injury from falling or colliding with a motor vehicle.

These scooters are a newer trend to the Fort Lauderdale landscape. Riding a scooter comes with significant risk of injury that does not always end with the desired outcome. Riders face the negligence of motor vehicles and the scooter companies themselves who may be responsible for an injury sustained while operating one of these electric scooters. A rider may also be injured due to the condition of the roadway where the city or a business has failed to maintain it properly.

Follow these simple five steps after you have been injured while riding an electric scooter in Florida

  1. Get to safety. Do not stay in the middle of a Florida roadway after a fall as you are at an increased risk of being hit a second time. Move to a safe place.
  2. Call the authorities. This is important to make a record of your injures and to notify the police of your accident. Provide details about what happened that caused you to fall.
  3. Gather evidence from the scene. Try and obtain the insurance information from the other driver. Taking photographs can be critical to your injury claim in the future. Gather names and phone numbers of anyone who may have been a witness to the accident.
  4. Seek medical attention. If you are injured, seek out an Emergency Room or an Urgent Care right away. In Florida this is crucial as you have 14 days to seek medical treatment to prevent a loss of potential medical benefits you may be entitled to.
  5. Contact a Personal Injury attorney. It is important to hire someone with experience handling these claims. Insurance companies do not simply hand out money and it is important to get guidance for your claim immediately.

If you or a loved one is a victim of a scooter accident, you may be entitled to monetary damages. Call a Fort Lauderdale injury attorney at Leaser Law Firm for your free initial consultation and free evaluation of your claim. At Leaser Law Firm, you always have a no fee guarantee. You don’t owe a thing unless we win for you. Contact us to get the quality legal representation that you deserve.