Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Attorney

Getting involved in a car accident can be a frightening experience. There are many steps to take and each step is critical to preserving a claim for any injuries you may have. In south Florida, car accidents happen regularly. It is tough to leave your home without seeing an accident or two. Fortunately, we are here to help if you are injured in a car accident.

Car accidents are typically caused by the negligence of one of the drivers. When operating a motor vehicle in the state of Florida, the driver is responsible to drive with reasonable care. This is a legal duty that every operator of a motor vehicle has. A driver can be found negligent by breaching their duty to use reasonable care. To put it plainly, the driver fails to do something another, reasonable driver, would do. This could be running a stop sign, failing to yield for a bicycle, or other contributory events like speeding. Given the size and speed of automobiles, most accidents result in an injury to the occupants of the vehicles.

It is important to know that most car accidents do not result in a trial, or even a lawsuit being filed on the injured parties behalf. It is usually in the best interest of all parties to settle the claim in a presuit process. This can be accomplished by your attorney working with the insurance company to make sure your interests are taken care of.

After an accident, you are also forced to deal with the property damage to your vehicle. This process can be a difficult one to navigate. Insurance companies offer a low value on your claim from the outset, seeking to pay out less in damages than the policy includes. When this amount is insufficient, an experienced personal injury attorney knows how to fight back to receive just compensation.

There are situations when it is necessary to file a lawsuit. Typically, this is done when fair and just compensation is not being offered, or there are other possible defenses an insurance company is bringing up. This can also occur when the loss is tragic, such as a severe injury or death. Make sure you seek a personal injury attorney who is prepared to go file a lawsuit on your behalf.

An insurance provider might depreciate the true value of the damages you have suffered or downplay the coverage allowed to help you recover from the injuries you sustained after a car accident.

Through a free consultation, our attorneys will discuss your legal options and determine if it is in your best interest to file a lawsuit.

If you or a loved one is a victim of an auto accident, you may be entitled to monetary damages. Contact Leaser Law Firm for your free initial consultation and free evaluation of your claim. At Leaser Law Firm, you always have a no fee guarantee. You don’t owe a thing unless we win for you. Call us to get the quality legal representation that you deserve.

What Should I do After a Car Accident?

If you have been involved in a south Florida car accident, you may feel overwhelmed and confused with what to do. Fortunately, there are several things to do right away that will help you recover any losses you may suffer.

  • Report the claim to the police. After an accident, your body may tighten up and release endorphins as the impact is a great shock to your body. You may be disoriented, or otherwise feel fine. Even so, you may have an injury that will pop up in a day or so. This is common after automobile accidents. Do not exchange information and go home. Make a police report.
  • Document the scene. It remains crucial to get the other drivers insurance information. You may need to get phone numbers from the other driver and any witnesses who may have seen the accident. Pull out your phone and take photographs of the scene. This includes damage to your vehicle and damages to any other vehicles in addition to other property damage that may have occurred.
  • Seek medical attention. Once the police arrive, they will ask you whether you need an ambulance. Depending on your injuries, you may or you may choose to drive yourself. Be honest with yourself as to how you are feeling. If you opt not to go to the ER, you may be ok seeing an urgent care center in your area. In Florida, you need to seek medical attention within 14 days or money you are entitled to due to the accident will be lost.
  • Contact a personal injury attorney. The sooner you contact you attorney, the better. It is ok to contact your insurance company to report your claim. However, it is always best to speak with your attorney prior so that they can protect your interests. An attorney can help you navigate the process and aid in your recovery.

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By hiring Leaser Law Firm, you are retaining us to help provide relief from disputes with insurance companies and other issues that arise due to your injuries. It is important for you to focus on your recovery. Your attorney will handle any uncooperative insurance providers and represent you in communications with other parties and all litigation matters. There is never a retainer charged and any fee earned will be through a contingency fee contract, regulated by the Florida Bar.

Scott Leaser is ready to help you receive just and fair compensation for your injuries. He is always ready to talk with you about your case, and it is always a free consultation with the Leaser Law Firm no fee guarantee. Call at (954) 233-3515 for your injury consultation today.